2013 AAEA Fall Conference Workshop – Tangled Patterns

October 16th, 2013

PDF file of the Presenetation:

Zentangle Inspired Art

PowerPoint file (pptx) of the Presentation:

Zentangle Inspired Art

PDF file of the Tangle Cards for tangle patterns:

Tangle Pages

“Through the Looking Glass”

September 26th, 2012

PDF file of the Presenetation:

Thru Looking Glass Presentation Knoxville TN SETESOL

PowerPoint file (pptx) of the Presentation:

Thru Looking Glass Presentation Knoxville TN SETESOL

Bayside Academy Fine Arts Day

April 30th, 2010

What an honor it was to be a  part of the “Fine Arts Day” at  Bayside Academy in Daphne, AL!  We were delighted to share with Kindergartners and 1st graders. These students were so well behaved that Mrs. Cairns said she would “come out of retirement” to teach them! They truly were a precious group of caring and polite boys and girls.

This child stole Mrs. Guinn's heart when she told her that she was glad "they could make her arms that work."

Many students had comments on Mrs. Guinn’s artwork as well as questions about how her arms work.

Becky Guinn discusses her paintings with Bayside students

Even though several classes came together, the students were engaged and attentive.

Bayside 1st graders on "Fine Arts Day"

Bayside Kindergarteners on "Fine Arts Day"

Mrs. Guinn demonstrated how she paints using prosthetic arms for each group.  When finished, she left three paintings for the teachers’ and school’s use.

Becky Guinn paints as Bayside students watch her progress.

We want  to thank Phyllis Horne for inviting us to be a part of this exciting school wide event.  We are so glad that we were included!

Wadley, AL in Randolph County

April 30th, 2010

After spending the afternoon with two second grade classes at Wadley High School, Becky and Becky were actually refreshed!  Today was an “artist visit.”  Becky Guinn demonstrated her technique of painting and showed several of her works to the boys and girls.

Second graders and teacher Lynn Baggett watch Becky Guinn as she demonstrates her painting techniques.

After spraying liquid watercolor on YUPO paper, Mrs. Guinn allowed the students to tell her what they wanted in her painting.  A rose was chosen for the flower, then a sun was needed, followed by a butterfly and a dragon fly. Mrs. Becky Cairns, “Hooked on Art’s” science  specialist, had to be consulted  as to the correct number of legs and antennae for accuracy!  Mrs. Guinn promised to return to paint with the students another day. The painting was  left for the students to enjoy in their classroom.

Second graders are listening and watching closely.

Before leaving the second graders went outside and were able to identify several images on the AAEA art advocacy van. Mrs. Cairns and Mrs. Guinn explained and demonstrated the technological modifications on the van.

It even smells like grass!

A group photo before the "Hooked on Art" van drove away.

What a great  group of second graders!  Thank you, Wadley High School (K-12) for inviting the “Hooked on Art ” Program to your classroom.

Hooked on Art Program at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, AL

April 4th, 2010

Larry Gibson's 3rd period class

We ended our Youth Art Month adventures with  Larry Gibson, art educator (and President elect of AL Art Education Association) at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, AL. What a beautiful facility; what an incredible group of middle school artists; what fun we had sharing  facts about American iconic artist, Georgia O’keeffe! Using cattle markers (Yep, you read correctly), students painted large “zoomed in” images from natural objects. All 4 classes worked quickly and produced some amazing imagery.  Mr. Gibson had them complete the assignment after we left.  Check out http://www.aaeaonline.org for images of these wonderful young artists working on their creations.

Becky Guinn & Becky Cairns showing Georgia O'Keeffe's work to Pizitiz Middle School students on the coldest day of spring!

Note: Cattle markers are huge oil sticks that work as oil pastels  and blend with the heat from one’s hand(finger tips). There is a film on the stick itself that should be scraped or cut away to reach the creamy pigment.  Each stick is cradled in a cardboard sleeve that is nice to hold without getting the oil paint all over one’s hands (Until you begin blending!).

Since the weather would not cooperate, students worked inside the school foyer.

Completed student work of a gladiolia blossom.

Big blue blend . . .

Wonderful form in this middle school student's art work.

This 6th grader knows what she's doing!

Just as Georgia O'Keeffe chose other subjects than flowers, this student was intrigued with a sea shell.

Hooked on Art in Decatur

April 4th, 2010

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, AL invited the AAEA Art Advocacy Van to bring the Hooked on Art Program to Decatur. Visits to 8 elementary schools and Decatur High School was coordinated by Laura Phillips, Carnegie’s Director. Included at this time was the YAM Art Exhibit at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center.

Art teacher, Beth Young looks on at Austinville Elementary

A multicultural Hooked on Art Program based on Hopi Indian dancers was presented for 7 of the Elementary Schools. Sommerville Road Elementary made Javanese Shadow Puppets and Decatur High art  students experimented with watercolor on YUPO paper. During the 3 days in Decatur, Becky Guinn demonstrated her painting techniques to 6 classes in 3 schools. Paintings were left in two elementary schools for the school’s use. Becky Cairns made the 3 days in Decatur work through preparation, navigation and perspiration!

Great work ethic at Banks Caddell Elementary

Eastwood Elementary 2nd and 3rd graders are attentive.

Students ask and answer questions at Leon Sheffield

Decatur Elementary schools “rock!” Their art educators genuinely love their  students and have a passion for the arts. Each school  we visited was  a warm an inviting place to learn. The core teachers, aides and administrators were welcoming, professional and in control of the learning environment. The Hooked on Art staff was greatly impressed. We also had opportunity to visit with some parents and community leaders at the “YEA (Youth-Education-Arts) Decatur!” evening sponsored by Rotary Club of Decatur Daybreak. Support for the arts and Decatur youth by the community was evident.

Beth Bacchus' kindergartners surprised us with their ability to cutout images!

Mrs. Guinn demonstrates watercolor on YUPO for Mrs. Waldorf's art students at Decatur High.

West Decatur students in Tammie Clark's art room with Mrs. Guinn and Mrs. Cairns

Frances Nungester students add feathers to their Hopi dancer puppets

Group photo of Linda Williams' students at Leon Sheffield Magnet School

This Decatur High student experiments with YUPO paper as he looks at a still life Mrs. Waldorf had set up.

As you can see, the Hooked on Art  staff enjoyed their  time with the students and teachers of Decatur. We understand, however, there are more schools to visit here . . .

"She can drive!"

One  highlight of our visit to Decatur came as Mrs. Guinn backed the AAEA art advocacy van up for the Sommerville Road students to see.   The  students began to cheer and clap as one student  yelled, “She can drive!” Their realization was a singular, emotional moment for the adults present.

Hooked on Art Program in Florence, AL

April 4th, 2010

At Florence Middle School, Becky Guinn presented a brief background of  Southeastern Woodland Indians, some of which lived and still live in Northern Alabama. Thousands of years ago, these Native Americans were some of the 1st metal workers. From metal these “mound builders” fashioned, spear points, decorations,  tools and  jewelry among other things. One piece was a pendant called a gorget. Becky Cairns explained the process chosen to represent these gorgets to the students.  Copper tooling was  the art form chosen for this Hooked on Art Program. Mrs. Cairns further instructed the students on how to use the things they had been given.

Florence Middle School student works with copper

Copper Tooling at Florence Middle School

Florence Middle School Student tools copper into an image

Students had prepared molds of symbols under the direction of art educator, Pat Reaves and  their science teachers. The Physical Education coaches  and teachers assisted each group with distribution and management. This was greatly  appreciated in that we saw 6 classes of approximately 80 students each in the gymnasium. Each student received their mold, a piece of copper, an instrument with which to tool the copper, an adhesive backing and a simulated leather cord from which to hang the pendant. The students were wonderful and cooperative. The most difficulty was in punching holes through the copper, forms  and backing.

Becky Guinn shares background information with Florence Middle School Students

Youth Art Month

April 4th, 2010

March, being National Youth Art Month (YAM), was super busy for the Hooked on Art staff.  We began the month in Daphne, AL at Bayside Academy’s Fine Arts Day.” Becky Guinn demonstrated using liquid watercolor in spray bottles on YUPO paper.  She moved the paint around with her brush, mixing colors as she worked.  The Kindergartners and 1st graders enjoyed the demonstration. Mrs. Guinn also showed artwork that she has created since losing her limbs.  Becky Cairns, science specialist helped explain  Mrs. Guinn’s use of prosthetics and myoelectric arms. This intrigued the  children and they asked many questions that Mrs. Guinn and Mrs. Cairns answered. Paintings done as demonstrations were left for the Bayside Academy’s use.

"Bayside Academy Demonstration"

"Becky Guinn Demonstrating her Painting for Students"

Note:  YUPO is a type off water media paper that is 100% polypropylene and can be used with any technique suitable for watercolor painting.

Trip to get Art box

September 13th, 2009

When we went to get the art box fitted in the van, there were some delays.  Good  things can happen from delays!  We were able to customize some parts of the box to better fit our supplies.  It is all finished now.  We’ll have it installed soon.  I will be able to post images of how the box works.


Rear of AAEA Hooked on Art Van

Rear of AAEA Hooked on Art Van


Sign World in Opelika, AL did an awesome job on the van wrap.  The above image is from their designer.

Art Council Review

September 13th, 2009

I was less than pleased with my presentation before the Arts Council.  I knew what I needed to say, but I missed the mark.  Maybe I was nervous; I had difficulty focusing.  It was as if my thoughts were blocked.  We have not yet heard from the funding for the Hooked on Art Program.  We still have our fingers (hooks) crossed.