Hooked on Art Program in Florence, AL

At Florence Middle School, Becky Guinn presented a brief background of  Southeastern Woodland Indians, some of which lived and still live in Northern Alabama. Thousands of years ago, these Native Americans were some of the 1st metal workers. From metal these “mound builders” fashioned, spear points, decorations,  tools and  jewelry among other things. One piece was a pendant called a gorget. Becky Cairns explained the process chosen to represent these gorgets to the students.  Copper tooling was  the art form chosen for this Hooked on Art Program. Mrs. Cairns further instructed the students on how to use the things they had been given.

Florence Middle School student works with copper

Copper Tooling at Florence Middle School

Florence Middle School Student tools copper into an image

Students had prepared molds of symbols under the direction of art educator, Pat Reaves and  their science teachers. The Physical Education coaches  and teachers assisted each group with distribution and management. This was greatly  appreciated in that we saw 6 classes of approximately 80 students each in the gymnasium. Each student received their mold, a piece of copper, an instrument with which to tool the copper, an adhesive backing and a simulated leather cord from which to hang the pendant. The students were wonderful and cooperative. The most difficulty was in punching holes through the copper, forms  and backing.

Becky Guinn shares background information with Florence Middle School Students

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