Hooked on Art Program at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, AL

Larry Gibson's 3rd period class

We ended our Youth Art Month adventures with  Larry Gibson, art educator (and President elect of AL Art Education Association) at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, AL. What a beautiful facility; what an incredible group of middle school artists; what fun we had sharing  facts about American iconic artist, Georgia O’keeffe! Using cattle markers (Yep, you read correctly), students painted large “zoomed in” images from natural objects. All 4 classes worked quickly and produced some amazing imagery.  Mr. Gibson had them complete the assignment after we left.  Check out http://www.aaeaonline.org for images of these wonderful young artists working on their creations.

Becky Guinn & Becky Cairns showing Georgia O'Keeffe's work to Pizitiz Middle School students on the coldest day of spring!

Note: Cattle markers are huge oil sticks that work as oil pastels  and blend with the heat from one’s hand(finger tips). There is a film on the stick itself that should be scraped or cut away to reach the creamy pigment.  Each stick is cradled in a cardboard sleeve that is nice to hold without getting the oil paint all over one’s hands (Until you begin blending!).

Since the weather would not cooperate, students worked inside the school foyer.

Completed student work of a gladiolia blossom.

Big blue blend . . .

Wonderful form in this middle school student's art work.

This 6th grader knows what she's doing!

Just as Georgia O'Keeffe chose other subjects than flowers, this student was intrigued with a sea shell.

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