Getting “Hooked on Art” Advocacy Van Ready!

     Keeping an older vehicle road-worthy is important, so we have been about that task.  We took the van to the craftsman who is making an art-display-box for the back hatch on August 6th.  We were able to design the box ourselves and lay tools inside before he installed dividers for a perfect fit!  We had word from him this week that he located slides Drawing of art box designto allow the art box to pull forward onto the rear bumper of the van.  This will give us easy access to the contents of the art box.  In addition, the top of the box will fold out and down for a display and demonstration purposes.

     All of the van fittings will assist the “Hooked on Art” Program.  This art box will give us a teaching focal point when we are presenting art activities outdoors.  Learning in an outside class can be a change of pace, but can also be a  distraction if there is not a single place to draw students’ attention.  The art box provides a central place to focus for teaching points.  Also, the images on the advocacy van provide examples of a variety of art periods, artist styles and art forms.  These will serve as resource images for art activities.

     Because “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” (according to Aristotle), we have selected a curriculum guide, “How Artists See:” earth science elements, weather, cities, families, America, feelings, etc. is a series that we will use to integrate visual arts into core curriculum at the elementary level (Grades 3-6).  The teaching guide is from Abbeville Press, New York; and involves social studies, science, language arts and humanities.  Our Multicultural art activities are derived from “Passport to the World” from Kids Art Workshop, Inc.  This study involves the art disciplines plus environmental awareness across curriculums and covers 7 continents for 1st – 5th grades.

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